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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is composed of men and women who are business leaders and are committed to advance PRMA’s values in the defense and promotion of a strong manufacturing and related services sector within the Puerto Rico economy.

Carlos Rodríguez

Vieques Air Link

Luis Morales

STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies

Silvia Santiago

Destilería Serrallés, Inc.
Vice-President of Puerto Rican Industries

Thomas Forester

CRB Caribe LLP
Vice-President of the Service Industry

Kenneth Rivera

FPV & Galindez, LLC

Fernando Rodríguez

PRIME Janitorial Service, Corp.

Julie García

Action Service
Regional Director - Metro Area

Francisco Negrón

Cardinal Health P.R. 120, Inc.
Regional Director - Western Metro Area

Rafael Díaz Meléndez

RF Maintenance Services, Inc.
Regional Director - Central Eastern Area

Abimael Padilla Negrón

Challenger Brass & Copper, Inc.
Regional Director - North Area

Joselin Ramos

CBX Global
Regional Director - Central Florida

David Thompson

AbbVie Ltd.
Sector Representative - Pharma and Biotechnology

Rolando Vázquez Ortiz

Medtronic Puerto Rico Operations Company
Sector Representative - Medical Devices

Luis Ramos Silva

Honeywell Aerospace of Puerto Rico
Sector - Representative - Aerospace

Francisco Pérez

Transporte Sonnell, Inc.
Sector Representative - Transportation

Bettina Mercado

Bettina Cosmetics Inc.
Sector Representative - Business Innovation

Carlos Ceinos

Principia, Inc.
Sector Representative - Engineering and Architecture

Javier Vázquez Morales

O'Neill & Borges LLC
Sector Representative - Energy

Carlos Rivera Vélez

The Foundation Global Group
Past President

Georyanne Rios

PSS Pathfinder, Inc.
Chapter Representative - Industrial Women's Chapter

Alberto Alvarado

Curtis Instruments (Puerto Rico), Inc.
Regional Director - East Metro Area

Denisse Flores

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Sector Representative - Financial

Iliette Frontera

Boston Scientific
Vice-President of Foreign Industries

Luis Lora

Sartorius Stedim Filters
Regional Director South Area

Hector Guillermo Martinez

GM Sectec
Sector Representative - Technology, Information and Communications

Ramón Pérez Blanco

Fulcro Insurance, Inc.
Sector Representative - Industrial Promotion

Jose Rodriguez

Kandor Manufacturing, Inc.
Sector Representative - Textile

Eric Santiago

Eric Santiago & Assoc.
Regional Director West Area

Rafael Vélez

Campo Alegre, LLC
Sector Representative - Agro-Industrial

Rafael Vélez

Argos Puerto Rico
Regional Director - Dominican Republic
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