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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is composed of men and women who are business leaders and are committed to advance PRMA’s values in the defense and promotion of a strong manufacturing and related services sector within the Puerto Rico economy.

Carlos Rodríguez

Vieques Air Link

Julio Bravo Soler

Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers

Luis Morales

STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies
Vice-President of External Industries

Silvia Santiago

Destilería Serrallés, Inc.
Vice-President of Puerto Rican Industries

Thomas Forester

CRB Caribe LLP
Vice-President of the Service Industry

Kenneth Rivera

FPV & Galindez, LLC

Dan Bigman

Gascó Industrial, Corp.

Julie García

Action Service
Regional Director - Metro Area

Francisco Negrón

Cardinal Health P.R. 120, Inc.
Regional Director - Western Metro Area

Yaneza Bravo Najul

Ranger American of Puerto Rico, Inc.
Regional Director - Eastern Metro Area

Rafael Díaz Meléndez

RF Maintenance Services, Inc.
Regional Director - Central Eastern Area

Efraín Rivera Torres

LabChemS Corp.
Regional Director Western Area

Fernando Rodríguez

PRIME Janitorial Service, Corp.
Regional Director - South Area

Abimael Padilla Negrón

Challenger Brass & Copper, Inc.
Regional Director - North Area

Joselin Ramos

CBX Global
Regional Director - Central Florida

David Thompson

AbbVie Ltd.
Sector Representative - Pharma and Biotechnology

Rolando Vázquez Ortiz

Medtronic Puerto Rico Operations Company
Sector Representative - Medical Devices

Luis Ramos Silva

Honeywell Aerospace of Puerto Rico
Sector - Representative - Aerospace

Francisco Pérez

Transporte Sonnell, Inc.
Sector Representative - Transportation

Wanda Otero

Quesos Vaca Negra Inc.
Sector Representative - Agro-Industrial

Bettina Mercado

Bettina Cosmetics Inc.
Sector Representative - Business Innovation

Carlos Ceinos

Principia, Inc.
Sector Representative - Engineering and Architecture

Rafael Rojo

VRM Companies
Sector Representative - Financial

Sandra Delgado

HP, Inc.
Sector Representative - IT and Communications

Javier Vázquez Morales

O'Neill & Borges LLC
Sector Representative - Energy

Carlos Rivera Vélez

The Foundation Global Group
Sector Representative - Industrial Promotion

Georyanne Rios

PSS Pathfinder, Inc.
Chapter Representative - Industrial Women's Chapter

Humberto Zacapa

Sector Representative - Textile

Directing the textile manufacturing operation in Puerto Rico and replenishment services in mainland USA, producing and distributing military apparel for the US armed forces as well as commercial lines for tactical wear and leisure equipage. Focusing in the effectiveness of the actual operations and the expansion of the company to new businesses through organic growth and strategic acquisitions. Recently finished successfully the acquisition of MOCEAN LLC, a company in the field of tactical uniforms that will help in the diversification of SNCT.

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