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Sample issue

EcoNews is a quarterly publication that describes the economic situation in Puerto Rico. The publication provides a snapshot of the Puerto Rico and United States economies.

Each issue contains the following information:

Overview of the Puerto Rico Economy

  • Employment statistics
  • Manufacturing sector
  • Inflation
  • Fiscal revenues
  • Short term outlook

Puerto Rico Economic Indicators

  • Employment
  • Consumer price index
  • Fiscal revenues
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Exports and imports
  • Manufacturing

Overview of the United States Economy

  • Production
  • Employment
  • Inflation
  • Interest
  • Rates
  • U.S. outlook

United States Economic Indicators

  • GDP
  • Employment
  • Consumer price index
  • Interest rates

According to the political and economic situation at any time, the publication presents an elaborate analysis that is supported by factual information from the most credible sources.

Econews is free to PRMA members. You can connect to the PRMA Hub to review all issues.

If you would like to become a member, feel free to fill-out a Membership Application.

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